Why open-air Photo Booth rentals in Seattle are the best choice?

Photo booths are great ways to make your event or celebration memorable. More than that, it can also help guests to interact with each other. If you are currently planning to organize an event, you should hire an open photo booth rental in Seattle. 

They can do so much for events such as weddings, birthdays, and more. Whether it’s a corporate or casual party, Photo Booth Companies in Seattle can make your events memorable. 

However, make sure the Photobooth contractor offers professional service and the photos will be of great quality. Here’s what you need to know about photo booth rental in Seattle. 

The More The Merrier

Whether you’re looking to rent a photo booth for your upcoming weddings or corporate event, more people means more fun! With an open-air photo booth rental in Seattle, you’re not limited space available- you can jam-pack the entire squad in a single photo, and no one should feel left out. Oh, and your claustrophobic Aunt? She won’t have an issue either. 

Viewing Potential

Half the fun of a photo booth rental lies in the entertainment provided not only to those participating but also to those who are watching. When you rent a photo booth rental in Seattle with an open design, everyone waiting in line and mingling at the party can see what’s going on! One look at the CEO with a faux mustache and your guests’ nights worth. Not to mention, those who are reluctant to join in on the fun will witness the shenanigans and they won’t be able to resist for longer! 

Sleek & Modern Design

With an open-air photo booth rental in Seattle, the professional-grade camera and lighting gear are housed in a modern, clean tower. Not only will the setup and smash the breeze, but the tower also looks great at any event! There’s no need for a bumbling booth that clashes with your décor, instead photo booth companies in Seattle will complement the style and theme of your soiree. 

Endless Customization

Do you plan for the backdrop to your photos? Whether it’s a wall of glitter, giant balloons that interpret your name, or a backdrop that makes it seem as though your guests have set into the outer space, an open-air design can accommodate it. Not to mention that you can add the biggest and outstanding props with no fear of overcrowding.

Make celebrations better and memorable with photo booth rental in Seattle. Have the best one with the latest gear and quality service. Hire Glow Photo Booth Rental for all your photo booth rental needs.

We are the best with what we do and you can be sure that guests will love your arrangements for the party. Call us today and have an open-air photo booth rental in Seattle at your event to make it fun and exciting!!!

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