Unlimited FUN with Photo Booth rental in Chicago for your birthday party

Photo booth rental Chicago for a birthday party!!!

A definitive piece of kit, but why should you have a photo booth rental to amaze guests for your birthday party? 

We’ve all used a photo booth for any of the occasions, whether you had one too many gins and hopped in with gal pals in hope of making the cover page or posed with a stranger on a stag party. 

However, photo booths aren’t just for a big celebration like think weddings, christenings, and then parties. 

Photo booths rentals in Chicago are also a great addition to a birthday party, especially if you’ve invited your few guests. There’s something special about photo booths, we all are excited like a kid for a toy. 

This blog will discuss why you should look for Photo Booth Companies in Chicago for renting a photo booth, from creating life-long memories to an exciting and often hilarious experience on the day. 

Creating life-long memories

We only get to choose a few birthdays, well …. one a year. However, there’s no harm in recollecting every moment. 

Whether it’s eighteenth, twenty-first, or seventieth, renting a photo booth rental in Chicago is a great way to reminisce so that when you get older you have something to show your grandkids. 

Photo booth companies in Chicago can help you create fun and memorable moments, whilst living in the moment, something we’re all not great nowadays. 

Fun experience for the whole family and/or friends

Glow Photo booths rentals in Chicago are designed to be fun, you all pile in, pose for the camera, pull a few goofy faces, and get those photos to be printed. 

It would be fun as one of you isn’t looking at the camera, another is pulling the most ridiculous face, and some of those who are fed up, as this is the tenth photo in a row. 

However, there is no doubt a photo booth rentals in a party would be fun-once more, you’re able to keep those memories captured for times to come. 

Free party addition

Having a photo booth rental at your birthday is a free addition to guests, it’s entertaining (especially after a few drinks), and most importantly it keeps the guests engaged– especially if they arrive early.

However, one great benefit is receiving the printed image straight away. This removes the miss-communication of who will send me that picture, instead allow you to get those pictures along with you as soon you leave. 

Let out your silly side!

Finally, there’s something crazy about a photo booth rental in Chicago, you get a chance to release the goofy/silly side in all of us. We pull ugly faces, mess around with funny pros, and pose for the camera in endless ways-it doesn’t hurt to let your hair down once in a while. 

Are you interested in a photo booth rental in Chicago for your upcoming birthday party?

If you’re planning to rent a customized photo booth and reside in or near Chicago then you’re in luck.

Glow Photo Booth Rentals offers sleek, modern, and luxurious open-air photo booths and guarantee the FUN at your next event. 

However, it doesn’t end there – we provide you trendy backdrops, fun props, and a team of super-friendly staff, making your experience memorable.

If you’re interested in renting a photo booth rental in Chicago, get in touch with us today!!! 

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