Make baby shower memorable with Photo Booth rental in New York

Hosting a baby shower is an anticipated event when a couple announces they are expecting. This is a special day for people to show their affection for their loved ones. Everyone wants to create something unique and amazing to make baby shower memorable. 

So here comes the baby shower Photo Booth Companies in New York!

You often see photo booth rentals at every special occasion… why not for a baby shower? After all, you’ll soon be creating tons of images for the family photo album. Get a sweet start with Photo booth rental in New York! 

Check out five super cute ways to use a photo booth at a baby shower party. 

 Using Props

Everyone loves photo booth rentals, but let’s face it… props are what make the event more exciting! Gather a fun collection of baby shower photo booth props and you would be amazed to find out how quickly your family, friends and relatives get in on the action.

Nothing more classic than the mustache-on-a stick, you have a lot more options available at Glow Photo Booth rentals. From cute sayings to the ever-hilarious pacifier-on-a-stick, props will make your baby shower photo booth rental in New York over the top. 

Go through some cute baby shower photo booth prop suggestions: 

  • Oversized bottles, bibs, and other baby gear
  • Customized frame with baby’s name and the due date
  • Cutouts of mommy- and daddy-to-be as babies
  • Chalkboard or dry board where guests can write their messages
  • Balloons so even guests join to look like they’re pregnant too

Creating Video

That mall photo of yesteryear can be a one-trick pony, but today’s Photo Booth Companies in New York has much more! And one such feature is video messaging. Instead of just taking still photos, let guests’ record short video clips congratulating for the new addition to your family.

With Glow Photo Booth Rentals Classic and Open Air photo booths, you not only capture those wishes and memories forever, but you can also share them with your little one when he or she gets old. 

Custom Backdrop

Not every baby shower venue has the perfect photo booth backdrop especially when you’re hosting at your home. 

Hanging a cute backdrop is a simple way to create an instant, selfie-ready canvas that’ll make that photo booth rental in New York stand out. 

Enjoy Photo strips 

At Photo booth rental in New York, the host can enjoy the pictures as much as the people in them. That’s why we include double prints for every photo taken in the booth: for guest and host. 

The host’s copies go into a guestbook next to the signature with best wishes of their guests. You can get a perfect memento to revisit for years to come.

Reserve APhotobooth Rental Today

From bar mitzvahs and quinces to graduations and weddings, photo booth rental in New York is the perfect way to celebrate those big milestones in your life.

And what’s a bigger milestone than welcoming a new member to your family? 

A baby shower photo booth is not only a great way to make event fun-loving but also sweet to gather everyone’s best wishes and happy messages for the baby. 

Contact Glow Photo Booth Rentals top best from Photo Booth Companies in New York today to reserve your booth and how we can make your event memorable!

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