How to print photo booth strips at a party?

Throwing out a party for your friends must be exciting but it is not an easy job. Apart from doing all the arrangements, the host has to make sure that the guests have a great time at their party. He or she keeps thinking of innovative ideas that will make his party different from others and a night to remember. One exciting and creative way to make your party interesting and to keep the guests engaged in a fun activity is to get a photobooth. The photobooth is an excellent idea to make great memories at a party.

Now there are two ways to have a photobooth activity at your party; either you order an original antique photobooth to your party and pay hundreds of dollars as its rent, or, you make your own DIY photo booth and print the photobooth strips. DIY photo booth will bring a charisma to the party. It is very affordable and easy to set up. You just need a good camera that works great in flash light and a photo printer that most of the people usually have at home or you can rent the printer for a night. Let’s see how to set up your own DIY photo booth.

Enough space for photobooth:

The most important thing to make sure while setting up a phot booth is the space. The photo booth should be set up in a place that is visible to everyone and gathers the attention of all the guests. If people come to your party and they don’t even realize that there is a photo booth. It is better that you set up the photobooth at the entrance of the party where it attracts everyone’s attention and your party is a success.

Background and backdrop:

Another important thing while setting up a photo booth is the background. The background or backdrop is important in all types of photos but it is more vital in photo booths. You can add a plain background as well as a sheet. However, make sure the plain background come in accordance to the photobooth strips. To give the photobooth a more creative look, make the background according to the party theme. You can make a wall fully covered with plants and pots, for Halloween you can decorate the wall with pumpkins, bats and spiderweb designs, for Christmas you can add jingle bells and stars.

Playful Photobooth props:

To give your photo booth strips a unique and different look, buy or make yourselves some funky and playful props for your photo booth. Props can be according to be the theme of your party. Spooky Halloween mask and witches’ hats, smoking cauldrons in the back. For Christmas put out Santa’s hats, elf ears, candy sticks etc. for routine parties you can put out funky glasses, superhero masks etc. putting out such props will bring an X factor to your photo booth and your photobooth strips would be printed out perfectly.

Arrange a frame for the photo booth strips:

It is important for your perfect photo booth strips to be printed out that you have a perfectly adjusted frame for the photobooth. you can adjust the frame of the photo booth strips by cutting out props in shapes so that only the people that fit inside the frame appear in the photo. The frame could also be adjusted by creating a small 4 walled room like space lighted by flash of the camera or LEDs. This will be the best representation of an old style photobooth and only the person in frame would appear in the photos.

Camera set up for photo strips:

The most important thing at the photo booth is the camera set up. Buy a stand for camera long enough to take pictures of standing people. Make sure the light is adjusted according to the camera. Keep the camera settings fixed so they won’t be disturbed when people take photos. You can use any type of camera you want, but for a photo booth, you would want a camera that would instantly print photo booth strips, for that purpose, an iPad or a camera phone would be ideal that could instantly print the photo strips from the connected printer.

Print the photo strips:

For printing the photo booth strips use a color photo printer. A wireless printer would be ideal as the connected wires can get tangled and the camera or phone or the printer itself could be damaged. There are many applications that let you take pictures like you would in a real photo booth and then print them in the form of strips. You can order special photo strip papers or you can cut your regular 4 by 6” inch paper into 2 equal halves and it would give you to printed photobooth strips.


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