How to make your holiday better with a Photo Booth rental in Houston?

When it comes to throwing a holiday party, adding a photo booth to the celebration is a must- so that everyone can have fun! So how can you make your photo booth rental in Houston a memorable experience for your guests when they are likely going to attend several holiday parties this year that have the same event offering?

Six ways to have fun with Photo Booth rental in Houston

We have some tips and tricks to make your party’s photo booth rental in Houston a big hit this holiday season. Check out six ways that you can make your holiday photo booth rental better than the rest. 

Skip queues 

No one likes waiting too long in the queues. Keep the wait times short by adding Glow Photo Booth Rentals for larger events. Guests can group and click photos in front of the open-air photo booth rentals in Houston, and then move on to a Sharing Station to share their pictures by email or to their social media channels – without making another wait for their turn. 

Get everyone into the group shot 

While traditional photo booth companies in Houston only have limited space to snap photos with one or two friends, our open-air design and large flatscreen display make it easy to get everyone into that group shot. Also, unlimited, high-quality prints ensure that each guest in the group that can take along with them home at the end of the night. 

Customize the experience

Make your photo booth rental in Houston truly unique with custom branding that can be carried through from the exterior wrap of the photo booth to the digital photo frames and sharing email. Add your company’s branding or customized look that best meet your expectation this holiday party theme. 

Capture candid shots

We have a professional team of photographers who don’t simply take beautiful pictures of your photo booth rental and capture those unposed shots at your event! Our experts mingle with event guests to create a more personal and spontaneous photo experience. We bring experience, creativity, and out-of-the-box thinking to ensure you get a masterpiece. 

Find fun in the filters

We have creative filters that can help you with stylized photos! Our most popular photo filter, the black and white Beauty Mode filter, is the perfect choice for an amazing holiday party. 

Glam it up

Wow, your holiday party guests by setting up a red carpet and glammed up photo booth rental in Houston at the entrance of your venue. Add a sparkling sequin backdrop or fabulous flower wall to excite the guests with the perfect chance to capture professional, funny, or whatever photo they want.

If you want to make your event memorable, add a photo booth rental in Houston or anywhere in the surrounding, contact Glow Photo Booth Rentals. We are reputed and most trusted from photo booth companies in Houston that can make your event successful and memorable as we have the customer service, tools, and experience. 

Get in touch with us to get a FREE estimate or know the availability for any photo booth rental in Houston. 

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