DIY Baby Shower Photo Booth Frame | Step By Step Guide

Experience the tag of mom-to-be is undoubtedly one of the best happiness you can ever experience in your life. Time is flying super-fast. Like it was yesterday when you heard the news that you’re expecting & today you are throwing a baby shower party. How about you make your little moment extra special with the baby shower photo booth frame?

How to Make a Baby Shower Photo Booth Frame?

Follow the step-by-step guide to the DIY baby shower photo booth frame.

  • Measuring The Photo Booth Frame

Start making the photo booth frames with a large cardboard piece. You can buy the cardboard piece from a local craft shop. Before cutting or turning the cardboard, measure the board and mark the size you want to have.

  • Marking The Guidelines

The ideal size of the DIY baby shower photo booth frame should be 51.25 x 42 centimeters. From the edge of the board, mark 3 centimeters on the top and left & right side on the bottom of the cardboard mark 10.5 centimeters. 

Use a black marker to mark lines on the cardboard. Using a pencil is okay, but the lines won’t be that visible. 

  • Cutting The Cardboard For Photo Booth Frame

Before cutting the cardboard:

  1. Wear gloves to protect your hands.
  2. Place the ruler on the marked lines, take a cutter and start cutting it.
  3. Keep the ruler straight on the cardboard for clean cutting.
  4. Make sure the ruler doesn’t displace from its place.
  5. Please do not use scissors because cardboard is challenging for it.
  • Smoothing

Once the cutting process is complete, use sandpaper to smooth the edges. The reason we recommend you to use sandpaper is because of the sharp cut edges. The edges can easily cut your hand if not smoothen. Gently rub the sandpaper on the frame. Rubbing it too hard will dis-balance the size.

  • Strengthening 

Cardboard alone is not enough to stand still. Add strengthening elements to make its life longer. Here, you have to add a thermocol sheet at the back of the cardboard. Cut the thermocol sheet of the exact size of the cardboard.

Use a glue gun to mount the thermocol sheet on the cardboard. Once done, press it a little with your hands. Now take another sheet of cardboard and mount it on the backside to hide the thermocol. Finally, paste strips of cardboard after measuring the size on the edges of the baby shower photo booth frame.

  • Decoration Of Photo Booth Frame

Now is the time to decorate the frame. At this point, you have to decide whether you want to keep the baby shower photo booth frame plain white or colored. If you are thinking of coloring it, then use acrylic color. Evade using watercolors because water will weaken the cardboard.

After coloring it, write whatever you want. The sassy lines you can write on the frame include;

  • Two become three
  • Boy or a girl?
  • Your due date
  • The aunt squad
  • The uncle squad
  • I’m going to spoil the baby with my love
  • Ready or not?
  • Bundle of joy on the way
  • Welcome little one
  • Love you already
  • Bun in the oven
  • Its poop time

For decoration, paste some stickers of flowers, teddy bear, baby onesie, baby walker, and baby shoes on the top side of the frame. On the side edges, wrap ribbon matching the color theme. 

Some Decoration Ideas for Baby Shower Photo Booth Frame For Your Party

The baby shower photo booth frame alone is not enough to set the party rock and roll. Add some colors to your party with the decoration ideas mentioned below;

Baby Shower Onesie Curtain

Ordinary curtains are present in every third house. How about doing something extra? Cut shapes of baby Onesie on different color paper. Take a thread and paste the onesies on it with a gap in between. The length of the string should cover the entrance door of your party. 

Baby Shower Trolley With Lollipops

Empty tables look boring at a party. Put some candies on them in a creative way. Buy around a dozen or two dozen decorative trolleys from the local market. Paste foam in it and stick the lollipops on the foam. Make sure the lollipops should be wrapped in plastic wrapping to look cuter.

Baby Shower Themed Gift Bags

So, you are not going to give anything to the kids coming to your party? Well, that is not fair. Instead, buy tiny gift bags from the marketplace and add some gift items to them. Then, place the gift bags along with the trolleys to look more elegant. 

Don’t try to do all the chores yourself in this condition. Instead, ask your sister or friend to come and accompany you. Lastly, make sure to capture as many pictures with the baby shower photo booth frame

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