How to Make a Cardboard Frame for Photo Booth | Step By Step Guide

We live in a social world, where everything is social, and we also love to share our beautiful moments on social media. For this reason, we take selfies, captures pictures, and upload them with a lovely caption. But what if you have something that doesn’t need any caption or frame, any guesses? Oh yes, you guess it right, we are talking about the beautiful Cardboard Frame for Photo Booth.

DIY Photo Booth Frame

With this incredible thing, called a Photo booth frame, you don’t need anything else to make the pictures more attractive and appealing. Additionally, if you make the DIY photo booth frames for any event, it is the best way to entertain your guests in a fun way. As they would love to use a new thing at the event.

Due to some obvious and money-saving reasons, we are going to present you with a complete tutorial on how you can easily make a cardboard frame for a photo booth by following some simple steps.

Requirements for Making The Best Cardboard Frame for Photo Booth

Below are some necessary things you need for making the best cardboard frame for photo booth. These are some simple things that are readily available in your home. Have a look at them

  1. An A2 size foam board. You can use it bigger than that but not small
  2. Scissors or knife
  3. Ruler & Pencil
  4. Something that supports the cardboard. You can use a sphere cardboard box.
  5. Transfer paper
  6. Marker pen
  7. Vinyl Decal wording
  8. Some fake flowers or something that makes your frame beautiful
  9. Sandpaper 

Making of Cardboard Frame for Photo Booth – Step By Step Process

Now, after gathering all things together, let’s move with some easy steps and start exploring a new handmade item.

Step No 1

To protect the surface of your photo booth, put something under the cardboard. Then, with the help of a pencil and ruler, outline the frame. You can also see a Polaroid picture for inspiration. And in case you are using the vinyl decal, place it on the board. Again, make sure to leave some space. Finally, create a rectangle on the cardboard.

Step No 2

Secondly, with the help of a knife, cut the cardboard. You can also use the scissor for this step. You can draw the lines more darkly for cutting the cardboard more adequately. Cut on the lines and make sure it is smooth and straight.

Step No 3

Now, this is the most creative part of making a cardboard frame for photo booth. First, paint the according to your most favorite color. Once it becomes dry, then apply the vinyl decal and write the loveliest caption on the frame. After that, it’s up to you how you want to adjust the wording on the frame. You can write on the bottom, left, and right or top as well.

Step No 4

Lastly, we suggest making it more fascinating by setting the lovely flowers or other appealing things on the corners. Your handmade photo booth frame is ready; now, you can use it for any event or occasion.

This is the complete process of quickly making a DIY Photo Booth frame with some simple things. In the busy era of this social life, try to do something new. So gather all the beautiful things you consider as wastage, and start making a DIY Photo booth frame.

Start selling Handmade Photo Booth Frames.

You can start your own Business If This Tutorial is Successful for you. This is an excellent opportunity for you, as you can quickly start your own small business with the help of this single tutorial. People always looking for some new creative way to post pictures on social media; you can offer them a new way by DIY photo booth frames. You can show them a sample, and if it takes place on the people’s hearts, sell the handmade photo booth frame at a reasonable price.

It’s your time to start a new business and do something effective in your free time. But remember one thing: when you first make a DIY photo booth frame, it looks good, the second time, it looks better, and the third time, it is perfect. So move forward to taking the first step, and then you will surely get success.


We hope you find this article effective and look forward to making the Cardboard frame for photo booth without cost. Save money and make things done by your hand to feel proud. Upload more awesome pictures on social media from now.

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