9 Best Ideas for Printable Photo Booth Props

Who doesn’t love wearing props at a party? If you haven’t tried props at any party, you are missing the real fun for sure. Buying props from the market is fun, but making them yourself is the real fun. Want to know affordable ideas for printable photo booth props to enjoy your time partying? Don’t worry. We got you. Scroll to the last to check the pocket-friendly prop ideas.

Printable Photo Booth Props

Below are the nine printable photo booth prop ideas.

  1. Avengers Characters Props

This idea is best for a kid’s theme party. Who doesn’t love marvel characters like Superman, Batman, Hulk, Wonder Woman, and of course, Captain America? So ask your kids their favorite marvel characters, print them online, and enjoy watching kids showing their superpowers wearing the props.

  1. Wine Glass with Mustache Props

Wine glass with a mustache is the all-time favorite printable photo booth prop. For this, you will need to print a wine glass and mustache and mount them together. This prop fits all theme parties including, birthday, engagement, farewell, wedding, and graduation parties.

  1. Printable Party Caps

Are you sure that your party will be complete without party caps? Not at all! Now party caps don’t mean birthday caps. Instead, you can customize caps according to the theme of your party. For example, if you are having a Christmas party, print Christmas caps. Similarly, for a farewell party, customize caps according to your style.

  1. Heavy Beard Photo Booth Props

Why don’t you try some unique printable photo booth props? We all know how standard the mustache prop is. Try something new with the heavy beard prop. Search on Google some animated beard images and download them all. Now cut the area around the lips to make them look extra cool.

Now pick the prop and show some moves in front of the camera.

  1. Printable Puking Rainbow Photo Booth Prop

Puking rainbow; The all-season favorite Snapchat filter. This Snapchat filter is pretty standard but always looks super attractive. Make sure to download the filter in rainbow colors. Avoid downloading black and white images because it will spoil the overall look.

Share the printable photo booth props with your friends and make some reels together.

  1. Crown Photo Booth Props

The best part about this photo booth frame prop is you can make crowns of any type. So be it Disney crowns or the Snapchat filter crowns: you have a broad spectrum of choices.

Even better if you print crowns of all types. Distribute the baby crowns among the kids, Disney crowns among the teenagers, and filter crowns among the adult age group. Tada- time for some pictures.

  1. Disney Princesses Hairs Photo Booth Prop

After trying the Disney princess crowns, now is the time for Disney princess hairs. This idea may sound weird to you, but the results will amaze you for sure. Amazingly, you have a wide variety of options to print because Disney has up to twelve princess characters. Try to download hairs without face with side cuts.

  1. Wizard Printable Props

You always customize the props according to the theme of the party. But this time why don’t you organize the party according to the theme of the party? Wizard photo booth props are pretty trendy these days & you also deserve to follow the trend. You will find items related to the Harry Potter series in the wizard printable photo booth prop collection.

  1. Kissing Props

Here is the last idea for printable photo booth props. If you are thinking that kissing props are for adults, then you are totally wrong. Kissing props belong to the category that fits every theme party. Download the kissing props with large lips pouting.

How to Make Printable Photo Booth Props?

Here is the main question, how to make printable photo booth props? Well, making the printable props is pretty simple. Follow the step-by-step process to make booth props.

  • Search on Google some images to download;
  • Make sure the resolution of the images is high so that they look clear even in pictures;
  • Print out all the images and assemble them on the table;
  • Cut cardboard of the same size as the images;
  • Take binding glue and paste the images on the cardboard;
  • To stick the chopstick with the cardboard, you have two options. Either you can stick it with the cardboard while sticking the image. Or you can mount it with a sticking tape after pasting the picture;
  • Leave the prop to let it dry completely;
  • Once done, you are ready to rock and roll.


Enjoy your party with the printable photo booth prop ideas. It is not the ultimate guide. However, you can discover more ideas linked with the mentioned ones. While making the props, make sure to follow the steps mentioned.

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